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Proceeds from this event support the SickKids Foundation and are designated to the Meagan Bebenek Endowment Fund and awareness, research and treatment of paediatric brain tumours at SickKids.

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June 2015

This year’s Meagan’s Walk & HUG was a resounding success, with over 4000 participants turning up early on Saturday to enjoy the entertainment, roam the grounds of historical Fort York, and to gather with teammates and friends. Spring had arrived, the sun was shining and the grass was green! At 10:00 a.m. the muskets fired, the start ribbon was cut and Meagan’s Walk supporters of all ages streamed out of the gate, walking together, ready to create one of the biggest human HUGS possible! Meagan’s Walk 2015 was exceptional in regards to funds raised for paediatric brain tumour research. Donation totals over the last 14 years have now surpassed the $4 million mark and continue to rise.

It is because of Meagan’s Walk’s generous supporters like you that we are truly making a difference.


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