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Proceeds from this event support the SickKids Foundation and are designated to the Meagan Bebenek Endowment Fund and awareness, research and treatment of paediatric brain tumours at SickKids.

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Nir Meltzer and Sean Squires are avid cyclists and in June they will embark on the greatest physical challenge of their lives: across Canada cycling trip, coast to coast, Vancouver, British Columbia to St. John's, Newfoundland.

This venture is named "Bike for Kids", and is supporting the mission of Meagan's Walk: raising hope and awareness about paediatric brain tumours, and funds for ground breaking research. It is also a great salute to Canada, in celebration of our country's 150th birthday!

The anticipated start date for their ambitious trek is June 2, when Nir and Sean expect to dip the tires of their bikes into the Pacific Ocean at Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver. Biking an estimated average of 155 kilometres per day, their route will end at the Atlantic in St. John's, Newfoundland, during the last week of July. As departure day draws nearer, more details and their trip itinerary, showing their trail across this vast country will be available through Meagan's Walk social media.

Sean and Nir participated in the opening ceremony of the 16th Annual Meagan's Walk on May 13th, and were at the start ribbon, with their bikes, ready to go!


Raising hope, awareness and funds for paediatric brain tumour research. A human hug like no other!

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